Monday, November 22, 2010


- I really LOVE this boutiques! LF Store is located in Laguna Beach on Forest drive. I like that the store has an urban out door look and feel to it  with the old hard wood floors and other antic furniture you fine in the store used as a display. You know when you step into the store your going to fine a unique item. The only dislike about the store is that the prices are a bit high but when you out looking for that one of a kind piece this is where you will find it.
-The trends that were in the store are more of a effortless look, not to polished look. The Native American trend some what of a drifter. the clothing along with the web site tells a store about there customer.An out door look and feel to the clothing. Neutrals, earth tones, along with some bright colors as well.
-The sweaters have been very popular, leggings and sheer blouses.
-This store is a good example for trendsetters because it has all the trends that are not out yet  so only  trendsetters would pick it up first.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Trend setting websites.....

This website will help you with understanding the new color for the up coming season for women, men, youth. If u become a member you will be able to see forecasts 18-24 months before that season. You can find the trends for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter season. Which includes 24 colors per category along with swatches, descriptions of the ColorLogic and a CD with images that show the trend.
This site also offers Education classes: like Color forecasting, Color Fundamentals, Color Marketing and Branding, Color Strategy etc, Trend and Forecasting workshops,webinar, and internships. Consulting for color strategy services that offers brand color strategy development and introduction, Product and Portfolio color. Color Association will help you to find the trending colors for the season and also offer you education to learn more about understanding color and the forecasting to go with it.

This website offers you a insight into fashion show and what's going on in fashion world. Including a Index for the industry with a list of things like International trade, Designers, Hollywood & Costume etc. you can search fashion and see fashion shows, trend reports, fabric trends along with a calendar to find out different fashion events going on in city near you. This is a good way to hear news in trend setting and forecasting. I can find local designers and see fashion shows to put on my blog.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Mega Trends

  Mega trends help products sell more because the trend conutines to make the consumer buy which can last up to five years.Which allso keeps the companys selling and creates more jobs because outher businesses pick up the product.
The current trend I see that is currently affecting the culture and the fashion industry is the Army trend. The United States has been  dealing with the war for over 7 years now! All genrations can realate to now which makes it even more import for us to incorprate it in to our clothing. Weather it be the American colors, Army structered jacket, pants, some way some how some designer has taken that part of history and put it into our life.

Barbie Girl

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Trends......

What's the HOT trends in the Store Today!!
Animal Print...that's what
Cheetah, Snake skin, leopard. Try mixing and matching the prints.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Trends... Window Display

Army Green! Is a big trend right now weather its a jacket,pant, skirt or shirt you should add this color to your wardrobe. You can wear it with almost any. It's a very natural season this year with muted colors.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Here's a gift guide:

The Artist Party lover.....
When Shopping for this personality you should think edgy and stylish but still very effortless at the same time.
This girl loves dark colors, loose, and tight fitting clothing. Texture,pattern and studs are important to her. Something that can be worn to a party and to the mall!
obey clothing cage dress


Jeffrey Campbell Cutout Wedge

necklace-house of harlow starburst necklace

 House Of Harlow